In The Course Of Human Events

I made a game, you can play it by clicking the cover below.


After you have played it, read on.


I had a vision of a game one day, and I drew the following sketch.

Vision Sketch

I have had a certain kind of trope on my mind lately, called beautiful void. I had previously played Looming by Gregory Weir, which seemed very meaningful years ago, and had been coming up in my mind recently. Recently though, a coworker had got me the book The Night Land, A Story Retold, which is a rewriting of an early 1900s book which was too good for this Earth, but too badly written to be read. This book enraptured me and I now consider it to be one of my favorite books, in addition to being one of the only books in the “Horror Romance” genre. Then, this video came out which introduced me to the manga Blame! and the video game NaissanceE made in its image. All of which comes together to eventually inspire this game I made.